Month: April 2014

Over 50 Ways to Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 Live Stream (FREE)

PILIPINAS.IT once again show full support to the PINOY-pride Manny Pacquiao. our champ is out to redeem himself and will try to rise up once more, this time against Timothy Bradley. Pacquiao recently won again Brandon Rios, but all eyes now in this fight whether he can win over the same person who beat him two fights ago. can the 8-Division […]


Are you an EXPERT?

here’s something to make any IT PINOY’s day.  those in the information technology industry surely would relate to this video.“The Expert” is a funny sketch about an engineer, along with his boss and the clients, and how he is committed to achieve a-seem-to-be-impossible-and-vague-task.  it shows that management would want to get the client and thus […]