tech companies take a stand on #blacklivesmatter

We are certainly in dire times, but one good thing that came out of the recent protests over the death of George Floyd, is how technology and social media played its role to enforce awareness of police violence and the long-running systemic racism against black people in America.  This has also caught the eye of the world […]


Google Assistant – future is here

The recent Google I/O event featured some of the company’s new innovations and one that captured interest was the natural conversational capability of the Google Assistant.  Google claimed that they were able to improve on their language understanding so we can speak naturally with Google Assistant. New voices are now available with singer star John […]


Google Recognizes Grace Hopper's 107th Birthday

Google today recognizes via a doodle one of the pioneers in Information Technology, Grace Hopper.Grace Brewster Murray worked on a device called the Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator, which worked out flight trajectories for rockets and was later used by the Manhattan Project scientists to build the atomic the 50s, Hopper was able to convince […]