Month: December 2009

2010 New Year Celebrations Live Stream

2010 is fast approaching, if you’re wondering how the rest of the world will celebrate welcoming the new year, you can also watch it live via Ustream. UStream has coverage of all the hottest events, parties and of course fireworks display. this includes NYE’s yearly ball drop ceremony in Times Square and Madeira Island of […]


HP's Webcam Glitch

bet you’ve heard about Hewlett Packard’s motion-tracking webcam said to be not working on black people, found this this footage on youtube HP acknowledged via an e-mail to CNN that the cameras might indeed have bugs specifically with contrast recognition. the folks on the vid weren’t really keen about issues of racism but thought this […]

More – Shortens YouTube URL

a new URL shortener introduced for YouTube has just been released, it’s called it’s really not much compared to TinyURL but is nonetheless be something new and worth trying.. say you wanted to shorten “” just replace the  “” with “” hence when you type ““ it automatically redirects you to the original URL. […]


Virtual News Casting

this just might be the next way of news casting… Illinois’ Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, has a implemented a virtual news show using animated anchors telling the latest news. the software uses the text-to-speech technology, and it’s stories taken dynamically from different news sites and blogs. learn more []


Nexus One, the New Google Phone

this is the most recent tech buzz i’ve heard, it seems a Google Phone is in the works! Cory O’Brien, a San Francisco blogger claims to have gotten hold of Google Phone last night, and he has this to say; “Google Phone = iPhone + a little extra screen and a scroll wheel. Great touch […]


BIG Changes @ Friendster launched last Friday big changes plus with a new look.  Friendster, a social networking site is quite big in asia, has been struggling to find an effective monetization strategy. the firm rebranded its main website targeting this time a younger audience and said it will shift its revenue focus from advertising to micro-transaction. these […]