BIG Changes @ Friendster launched last Friday big changes plus with a new look. 
Friendster, a social networking site is quite big in asia, has been struggling to find an effective monetization strategy. the firm rebranded its main website targeting this time a younger audience and said it will shift its revenue focus from advertising to micro-transaction.
these are but some of the things to expect from
  • ease of use and sharing of favorite content
  • more fun and colorful
  • faster photo uploads
  • easily comment on Shoutouts and photos
  • see your friends’ recent Shoutout history through the Shoutout Stream
  • more customization (skins ans color schemes)
  • Gift Shop – a click away from showing your friends that you care
in the coming months, they will be bring in new features, like games, music and new ways to use Friendster on our mobile. 

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