Month: August 2012

Backlit Devices Affects Sleep

are you restless and unable to sleep while holding your tablets?  study show backlit gadgets affect you from drowsing off, check this.

More Blogs No More

after friendster shifted to gaming, here’s another social network site which will refocus it’s target audience to ecommerce, blogs will be no more.CEO Stefan Magdalinski has the following announcement: Hello. Stefan here, writing you from Multiply HQ in Jakarta, Indonesia. As most of you are probably aware, Multiply’s mission has evolved over the past year […]


Pinoy Netizens Unite Amidst Heavy Rains and Floods

the nameless monsoon rains has undeniably brought destruction (and is still doing so as of this writing), but PINOYs‘ positive spirit lives on, proof is how we unite in spreading news (even funny images) via unified hashtags in social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. JP1Oracion JP Oracion – This is just heartwarming. #bangonPilipinas Ryan […]


Report Floods via NABAHA.COM

the non-stop monsoon rains has now shown images of floods in the various places of Metro Manila. school and work has been cancelled and rescue operations are underway.  there are now news that the amount of rainfall has surpassed that of Ondoy. if your place is one of those impacted by the floodings feel free […]


BIR to Tax Online Traders

the Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue recently announced that they will start taxing online traders, this news drew different reactions from the online community thinking this law would impact continuous growth of eCommerce in the country. Janette Toral, a technical consultant of the congressional oversight committee for the e-Commerce Law, said the BIR’s statements, apart from […]