Pinoy Netizens Unite Amidst Heavy Rains and Floods

the nameless monsoon rains has undeniably brought destruction (and is still doing so as of this writing), but PINOYs positive spirit lives on, proof is how we unite in spreading news (even funny images) via unified hashtags in social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

JP1Oracion JP Oracion – This is just heartwarming. #bangonPilipinas
Ryan David Tungala @ShiroUnlimited 
“Baha ka lang, PILIPINO AKO!” God Bless the Philippines! Keep the Filipino Spirit ALIVE! #bangonPilipinas #reliefPH
Paolo Feliciano @kimpoyfeliciano – Only In The Philippines! #BangonPilipinas 🙂

@BruroMars – Mr. Sun is loading. keep on praying! #PRAYforthePhilippines #BangonPilipinas
top Twitter trends include #bangonPilipinas, #reliefPH, #rescuePH and Hello Mr. Sun

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