Apple vs Samsung, Who Won?

image nabbed c/o

the Apple vs Samsung stand-off was finally adjudged with Samsung found to have violated some patents of Apple.

in a San Jose California District Court, the jury awarded Apple over $1B in damages against Samsung. some Apple-patented features include the “bounce-back” which happens if you scroll to the end of a list, double-tap zoom, pinch-to-zoom as well as the design and iconography on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.

the affected Samsung devices include the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, Nexus S, Mesmerize, Vibrant, Fascinate, Skyrocket, Continuum, Prevail, Infuse, Gem, Mesmerize, Indulge, Replenish, Epic 4G Touch and Droid Charge smartphones and the Galaxy Tab and Tab 10.1 tablets, among others. 

a court in South Korea also rules that Samsung did infringe some of Apple’s patents and was ordered to pay around $22K while Apple was ordered to pay around $35K.

while this news opened up further questions on its impact in the rest of the smartphone and tablet industry (e.g. how would this impact Android devices? will Microsoft benefit as well?).  a post by a fellow blogger, Enrigue Gutierrez, thinks Samsung’s loss could also be its biggest gain, thinking this just might be a “…Best billion dollar ad campaign Samsung ever had.”

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