Laruang Gulong (Toy Wheels)

“Laruang Gulong” (Toy Wheels) life much simpler — you get up to a bright morning, still half-awake tryin to figure what to do for the day but you know you’re looking forward to it! to go outside with your friends. what games you gonna play today? your stomach burns of excitement! you’d roam, you’d play, […]


uno mas manu

this could be manu ginobili’s last games… he definitely played like his old self this season… shown the heart of a champ (the younger spurs members need to emulate).. salamat manu! i was a ginobiliever first before i became a spur… one more manu, pls 


santee alley

to walk an alley of the virtuoso vendors and be stumped at their poetic chants.. to be blinded by the bursting of colors and anticipate the cheap knock-offs at the next corner, to forgivingly be annoyed at the loud boomboxes and be enamored by the aroma of street food, to thrust my way against a […]