DAYO – truly IT PINOY!

it’s christmas time and in the Philippines it means it’s the metro manila film festival (mmff) where only PINOY movies get to be shown during the holidays. this year the event welcomes another breakthrough – DAYO, the first full-length digital animation movie made in the country.
it was said that the movie – took around 2yrs in the making and costs over a million (usd) in production (hmmm), what’s more kewl is that IT PINOY’s creative talents were showcased here. they’ve utilized tools such as mac-animation pro and storyboard pro.

all i can say is – it’s about time! if the IT PINOY’s are able to lend their good hands to pixar, marvel and disney, why can’t we create our own animated movie to show to the world what’s else is there in our country and what else we can do!

check out QTV’s ‘making of dayo’ feature.

if you haven’t seen it then you should get out of those pajamas and head for the nearest theaters because this movie boasts of original filipino story-line, with mythological characters i bet you are familiar of. support the IT PINOYs!!!!

DAYO was created by Cutting Edge Productions, check out the official website @


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