Top Philippine Technology News of 08

in a couple of hours today (GMT +8:00) we bid goodbye to 2008 – a year that has been generally good to the IT PINOYs.

i’ve listed here the top IT PINOY technology news of 08:

  • asus eee pc and mini-notebooks are still peaking. who would have thought that these notebooks would surpass sales of the good old desktops? these mini-notebooks are suitable to students or to any mobile peeps out there! think about it, you wouldn’t need all that hardware crap – IT PINOYs are lovin the web – to most of them this mattered more.
  • web/internet connectivitysmart/globe broadband, pldt/bayantel dsl – all are riding on the hype of connecting PINOYs! homes with internet are way much bigger now compared to five years ago!
  • higher tech mobile phones like apple’s iphone – this isn’t far-fetched with the Philippines as the texting capital in the world. there’s already cracks available in greenhills!
  • mp3/mp4, apple’s ipod/itouch – PINOYs in general are great singers and music-lovers, we’re even called the singing-black of asia. this isn’t a surprise either, even manong guard has one!
  • online commerce like ebanking, buy&sell (ekalakal, sulit etc.), paypal etc. – more PINOYs are gaining confidence in dealing online.
  • others that popped in my mind are the ilumina lcd tv and dayo the digital animation movie – mainly because both are proudly made by our fellow IT PINOYs.

let me know if i missed out anything. looking forward to what else IT PINOYs would do (or dive into) in 2009! happy new year!!!!

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