it came as a surprise and a wonder when i found out about this news today from DevTopics.

effective jan ’09, dr. dobb’s journal (DDJ) is changing to dr. dobb’s report and will be delivered as a new monthly section in the InformationWeek magazine.

DDJ’s editor-in-chief Jonathan Erickson however put it this way, Dr. Dobb’s isn’t insulated from change. We’ve seen it all around us for years and years. Moreover, we’ve encouraged you to embrace change in everything from programming languages and modern processor architectures to Green Computing and the Internet. But talk’s cheap, and at some point, you have to put your spare change where your mouth is — and that time is now for Dr. Dobb’s.

“Change is a good thing, which is why I always carry an extra pair of socks when traveling, and a pocketful of nickels and dimes when the airplane lands in Las Vegas,” Mr. Erickson also wittingly said.

DDJ has a special place in my heart since it sort of became my bible during my crazy senior year in college and the internet has not landed the Philippines then. i still remember myself smacked in a corner of the Univ. of the Philippines’ (UP) library reading through a bunch of DDJ’s which helped me get my thesis all work out.

read more [here].


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