5 things that make it great to work in IT

Jason Hiner of Sanity Savers for IT Executives, recently did a countdown of the top 5 reasons why it’s great to work in IT. here’s the list plus some of my thoughts…

#5: Techies are heroes when they solve problems
one of the greatest feelings an IT PINOY gets is when he is able to solve an problem of another person. these issues may be as grave as operation showstoppers to merely computers not starting (because it was unplugged! jeez!). truly, finding an answer and putting back the smile in the client’s face, is one of the perks as an IT PINOY.

#4: IT pros get to play with cool stuff
oh yeah, we got to play with new and kewl stuff (note that there are also IT PINOYs who babysit old stuff). esp those on R&D, it’s like the world is for them to explore and conquer. jason put it best – we’re like kids playing with new toys!

#3: IT makes people more efficient
IT made the world smaller, distance shorter, and lives simpler. IT PINOYs are part of making this world a better place to live in.

#2: IT jobs are rarely dull or stagnant
if your the kind of person who enjoys learning new stuff and welcomes change, IT is the right job for you. i have non-IT friends who always thought that IT PINOYs are geeks, anti-socials and doesn’t even know what a comb is. well they’re wrong (at least for most of us! hahaha). being in IT brings us to the forefront of new and amazing technologies… in fact, with the influx of new technologies, you might even find IT overwhelming!

#1: You get to be a revolutionary
IT PINOYs have a chance to change the world. if you’ve got new ideas? and if you know technologies that would make your ideas come true – you should be in IT. imagine a world without bill gates or steve jobs? what do you think the world would be like?

Jason however forgot one thing, that’s probably the most important for us IT PINOYs – this industry pays well! 🙂

check out a complete video of this article [here].

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