a brief history of blogging

i’ve been searching around on how blogging started and found Clive Thompson’s The Early Years, thought i share this to my fellow IT PINOYs…

January 1994: Swarthmore student Justin Hall creates first blog ever, Links.net.
December 1997: Online diarist Jorn Barger coins the term “Weblog” for “logging the Web.”
April 1999: Programmer Peter Merholz shortens “Weblog” to “blog.”
August 1999: Blogger rolls out the first popular, free blog-creation service.
January 2000: Boing Boing is born.
July 2000: AndrewSullivan.com launches.
February 2002: Heather Armstrong is fired for discussing her job on her blog, Dooce. “Dooced” becomes a verb: “Fired for blogging.”
August 2002: Nick Denton launches Gizmodo, the first in what will become a blog empire. Blogads launches, the first broker of blog advertising.
December 2002: Talking Points Memo highlights Trent Lott’s racially charged comments; thirteen days later, Lott resigns from his post as Senate majority leader.
December 2002: Gawker launches, igniting the gossip-blog boom.
March 2003: “Salam Pax,” an anonymous Iraqi blogger, gains worldwide audience during the Iraq war.
June 2003: Google launches AdSense, matching ads to blog content.
August 2003: The first avalanche of ads on political blogs.
September 2003: Jason Calacanis founds Weblogs, Inc., which eventually grows into a portfolio of 85 blogs.
January 2004: Denton launches Wonkette.
March 2004: Calacanis poaches Gizmodo writer Peter Rojas from Denton. Denton proclaims himself “royally shafted” on his personal blog.
December 2004: Merriam-Webster declares “blog” the “Word of the Year.”
January 2005: Study finds that 32 million Americans read blogs.
May 2005: The Huffington Post launches.
October 2005: Calacanis sells his blogs to AOL for $25 million.
December 2005: An estimated $100 million worth of blog ads are sold this year.
January 2006: Time leases Andrew Sullivan’s blog, adding it to its Website.
February 2006: The Huffington Post surges to become fourth most-linked-to blog.


and if you’re wondering about IT PINOY blogging history, i was able to get a few snapshots c/o Annalyn Yusay’s Blog-o-Rama (posted in 2005).
1996: Lauren Dado, then 10yrs old was the first PINOY blogger!
2002: Gigi Manaloto, a.k.a. Ate Sienna, founded pansitan.net (a PINOY blogosphere)
February 2003: Connie Veneracion, a.k.a. The Sassy Lawyer was the first PINOY food blogger
August 2008: Marcus Christus is the first PINOY baby blogger! 🙂

i for one, found interest putting up websites as early as around 1998 via geocities and tripod, but started blogging in 2004 … geez i sounded so old!!! haha!

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