Philippine Poll Automation – the saga continues 2

it’s 428 days to go before the 2010 elections and malacanang has recently asked Congress to give the poll automation a chance.
the house has all ready approved Php11.3bil supplemental budget late last month but hasn’t finalized the “companion bill” that would bring back counting of the results manually.

more so, to further show transparency the COMELEC are open to the challenge by Vice President Noli De Castro to make the poll machine’s bidding televised for public viewing….

as our country “dances cha-cha” with the poll automation, India on the other hand is gearing up full blast to have their elections online.

“A lot of people have seen the change in the US since the elections and made them realise that they can actually do something,” said Shridhar Jagannathan, a 30-year-old copywriter involved in the non-partisan website.

IT Pinoy for one hopes that all of us realize this as well…

image taken from [].

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