Linux is fine

this got my attention, pavs’ 10 Reasons You Should Not Switch To Linux. thought it’s funny and a different take on Linux.

nope i won’t argue with that post. however thought i’d share what i think about Linux. in general i find Linux fine (ahh okay, that’s very helpful).

i find it fine because @ certain levels @ work and @ home i still use Windows. GNU/Linux (according to linuxhelp, this is how it should be called for Linux is the kernel/core and GNU provided the tools that makes it an OS) is fine because it’s kewl for it simply paved way for open source development. it’s fine because it proved that some things in life are still free.

i say GNU/Linux is fine because some of it’s apps haven’t got any docs nor support, i guess this is where the challenge is – well that’s why its free!

GNU/Linux is still highly used by major companies for enterprise-wide development. why? may be just like what others found in Windows and Mac, this OS actually works as well!

i myself sometimes dare to be non-conformist, but more than this, for me just like the IT PINOYs who have learned to appreciate this OS, i always welcome the challenge.

so to those who say GNU/Linux sucks, this is for you!


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