jobstreet's Q1 09 job outlook survey – bleak!

yesterday i got a chance to see‘s job outlook survey for the 1st quarter of ’09.

the survey answers the following questions:

  1. will companies employ more or less workers in ’09 compared to ’08?
  2. what about salary increases in ’09 compared to ’08?
  3. the last question pertains to job outlook of ’09 compared to ’08?
unfortunately, with the current economic turmoil, like myself i believe IT PINOYs wouldn’t like what they’ll see…. the survey was completed last dec ’08 with more than 900 respondents. you can download the complete report [here].

an irony however i found is that this survey result contradicts‘s previous survey on the Pinoys confidence in the job market where Philippines fared well compared to our neighbor countries.

in summary, how companies see the current job market is inversely proportional with how IT PINOYs see chances of getting employed!!! ahh the another PINOY dream!

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