Conflicker.c Out to Fool Everyone on April 1

late january this year, i wrote about the conflicker virus which has affected around 9M users, well the virus has now evolved to a new variant – conflicker.c.

insights atbp., noted that news are now circulating in different security sites that this will again hit big and a better time to do this is this coming april fool’s day!

conflicker.c is a worm that blocks security websites, terminates your anti-virus and on April 1, it will download arbitrary files from pre-computed domain sites/URLs. many are worried in fact microsoft even announced a $240K bounty to get the creator/s of this virus.

computer associates (CA) has published a detailed guide about conflicker.c, which details how this worm infects a machine, how to check your system for this virus. check out []

don’t get fooled, stay vigilant!!!

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