April Fools Day Viruses in the last 10 Years

it’s april fools day and for some reason the virus developers seem to like this date and time the release of their “babies.” i did some research (what i got is not much so feel free to correct me) and listed the top april 1 viruses (or viruses that appeared/current in this month) in the past decade.

1998Join the Crew, CIH

2000Email – prettypark (this was also when the infamous IT PINOY-made iloveyou virus swept the US, UK etc.)

2002Magistr (
on this year, the creator of melissa virus got a 20yrs sentence)
2003WTC Survivor (a virus spin-off to the 911 attacks)



2006w32.0401.worm infects humans!
(okay this one is scary, kindda “johnny mnemonic” stuff, it claims this virus affects ordinary humans via “neural interface”)
and this year, it would be Conflicker.c!

reviewing the viruses in the past 10yrs, we would see how they have matured… which is kindda kewl (what? yeah let’s admit it!) nonetheless, these are but some things people do that spices up our tech life…


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