Philippines Ranks 85 in the GlTR 2008-2009

to those who aren’t really fond of surveys (like me ehem), i read in today about the Global Information Technology Report (GITR), wherein Philippines ranked 85 out of 134 countries in terms of network readiness assessment.
already on it’s 8th year and led by the World Economic Forum, the GITR report 2008-2009 emphasizes that good education and high level of technological readiness + innovation are essential engines of growth, especially with the current global economic crises.

quickly browsing through the report, network readiness is measure using these 3 components, (1) environment – environment, political, infrastructure. (2) readiness – individual, business, government. and (3) usage.

you may ask what’s in it for us IT PINOYs?

National Computer Center (NCC) director Diaz de Rivera noted that the study shows that the other countries are moving faster than ours in terms of infra and telecoms, we have to keep with the pace of the world.

so to the students, study harder. to the current yuppies, work smarter. believe it or not, ALL of us have a stake on this…


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