Top Five Pinoy Twitter Users

aside from facebook, twitter is admittedly the biggest thing right now with 9.3mil users in the u.s. alone, this includes the most recent known member – oprah.

co-founded by Evan Williams and Biz Stone on 2006, twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging tool, which allows 140chars of text-based posts. so why the big phenom? i believe it’s because twitter allows us be connected and share our littlest thoughts with others, which is innate with all of us.

here’s an excerpt of the interview by kara swisher with the twitter co-founders:
in the philippines, it’s slowly catching up as well. techxav counted the top five PINOY users (based on the number of followers)
1. Ronald Bien – 14,879
2. William R. Nabaza – 9,999
3. Manuel Viloria – 6,842
4. lyndsay82 – 5,624
5. Boom San Agustin – 4,542

twitterscore noted the top five (based on profile score / followers):
1. Guy Kawasaki – 10.00 (score) / 105407 (followers)
2. Manifest Mastermind – 8.90 / 13019
3. Boom San Agustin – 7.93 / 4658
4. Roxel Pudol – 7.85 / 4268
5. Luis Buenaventura – 7.05 / 1823

still don’t know how to tweet? learn [here]

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