NYPD Under Attack

after news of china-based hackers cracking the u.s. pentagon’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jet program design, now it’s been revealed that the NYPD system is getting around 70,000 attempts (into it’s system) a day!

Raymund Kelly, NYPD commissioner, said the perpetrators have yet to succeed, but their relentless activities have prompted the force to raise its guard against high-tech crime.

“Perhaps it is because of the NYPD’s reach into the international arena that we are being targeted for computer hacking in much the way the Pentagon has been with its plans for the Joint Strike Fighter,” Kelly added.

the Chinese government have denied involvement with any of these GhostNet espionage, “Some people outside of China are bent on fabricating lies of so-called Chinese computer spies,” China’s foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang stated last month.

hmm, this is starting to look like politicking in technology..

read more [nydailynews.com]


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