Charice/Philippines Makes it in Twitters Top 10 Trending Topics!

9pm manila: i am checking Twitter just now and noticed that Philippines and Charice are both in Twitter’s Top Ten Trending Topics! not that i’m unkewl about it, it just surprised me – looks like there’s a big number IT PINOY who tweets nowadays!

further digging, it seems american idol’s @DavidArchie‘s tweeting about Charice started all of this! while many are glad that the american singer knows about the filipina youtube sensation, Pinoys still couldn’t believe that Charice again puts Philippines this time in the twitterverse!

others have started taking this opportunity to post advertisements, others popped about the recent alec baldwin “mail-order-bride” joke, others (non-filipino) are equally surprised that filipinos are surprised to be a Twitter trending topic – and that we should all get over it! it’s crazy there, lotsa Filipinos – there’s no better time to join Twitter but now!

okay, i just wanted to clear this isn’t an entertainment post but is still a tech blog (nope i’m not being defensive haha!)

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