Technology Age Gap

found this interesting feature from Yahoo Phils. where it says how you use technology would in fact reveal your age… in a recent market survey by WorldOne Research, it was reported that age in fact plays a big factor in the way professionals today embrace technology @ work.

based on the survey, the Baby Boomers (workers born in 1964 or earlier), consistently reported less passion for technology compared to those classified under Gen Y (workers born from 1980 or later), who voraciously use the latest technologies all the time. between these two groups is the Gen X (those born between 1965 and 1979) who generally use gadgets and online tools in moderation.

both Gen X and Gen Y, uses a far wider range of technology compared to the Baby Boomers. here’s some interesting stats:

  • use of gaming programs @ work – Yers (39%), Baby Boomers (14%)
  • social networking sites – Yers (62%), Baby Boomers (14%)
  • use of music-players – Xers (60%), Yers 58%, Baby Boomers (35%),
  • video-playing programs – Yers (51%), Baby Boomers (25%)



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