Ooops! Wrong Sent!!!

one of the unkewlest things an IT PINOY could do is to send emails to the wrong person/s, well survey says there are lots of people who fall into this trap.

i personally have experienced this, but some unfortunately had gone way overboard committing this mistake:
– an hr personnel (from a well-known Philippine IT company) mistakenly sent performance evaluations and ratings to everyone in the project… you wouldn’t believe how many resigned because of this!
– a lady accidentally sent everyone (including the celebrator) the amount that should have been shared in making that b-day party possible! pati sya siningil! haha
– an employee copied his boss about his grievances about that same boss! haha
– an employee sending his resume to his boss when it was meant to go to an outside company, oops!
– an internal memo about bathroom etiquette going to a client
– a staffer distributing a racy, personal picture of herself to the entire staff instead of just to a couple of friends, yaiks!

“Professionals must be especially careful in this economy not to do anything that could cause employers to question their competence or judgment, and that means paying close attention when sending any kind of message, particularly if the information is sensitive.”



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