Facebook Memorial – Immortalizes Deceased Members

facebook, the leading social network site today finally introduces “Facebook Memorial,” solely dedicated for it’s deceased members.

it is hoped that this will ‘immortalize memories’ of the deceased member. it will feature the person’s facebook information, which is restricted to confirmed friends and family only and their profiles will no longer show up in the “Suggestions” box.
“We had never really thought about this before in such a personal way,” Max Kelly, Facebook’s head of security. “How do you deal with an interaction with someone who is no longer able to log on?”
thought this would be a nice gesture by facebook (esp. in time for All Souls Day).
if you are looking for similar sites, the best i guess so far is gonetoosoon.org, where you can pay respects by adding candles, tributes, gift or photos. (check out hollywood actor, Patrick Swazye memorial profile)

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