ePayment in the Philippines

undoubtedly more and more IT PINOYs are showing confidence in transacting online.

in response to the clamor for better, faster and safer online payment, it has been reported that payment gateways are eager to make Philippines reach the “cashless society.”

inquirer.net reported that both Mozcom’s PayEasy and AsiaPay follow the same principle as that of PayPal (perhaps the most reliant online payment facility today). ECPay on the other hand would want to focus on overseas workers by linking their service with schools, hence parents will be able to directly pay their children’s school and hospital bills.

“This is also a nifty service especially for OFWs since they will know where their hard-earned money is going,” Aguilar said.

for those who don’t know with ePayment, we can use the Internet to communicate with other merchants and banks to allow for smooth transactions. what this means is that you don’t have to write a check, swipe a credit card or handle any paper money; all you have to do is enter some information into your Web browser and click your mouse!

found this nice article about the state of efinance and epayments in the Philippines by Janet Toral of digitalfilipino.com, read it and be informed.

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