Pacquiao vs Cotto – Top Trends today

i bet all Filipinos are still hyped as they stopped once again to cheer for Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao as he twice floored Miguel Cotto and eventually win (via TKO) his seventh title.

as for the many IT PINOYs who were glued on their PCs searching for ways to watch the fight live (and for free!), there were several sites that answered to their call. unfortunately, most of these sites easily became clogged up! adding to this was PLDT’s Watchpad, which completely froze and failed today after announcing they’d broadcast the fight! (wake-up call for Manny P)

just to prove how much IT PINOYs utilized the web today, google trends listed the keys, “pacquiao vs cotto results” as top 8. yahoo buzz on the other hand listed “Manny Pacquiao” as 6th. meanwhile, both “pacman” and “cotto” became a top trending topic in Twitter.

we just hope that next time that more free live streaming would open up, that there would also be less hecklers who tried the ride by giving out false links (some of them even points to malware/porn sites)… good thing there’s sopcast and friends who forwards reliable links!

finally – just wanted to thank cotto for putting up a good fight… and to pacman, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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