The Webby Top 10

the Webby Awards just listed 10 of the most influential internet moments of the decade.

Craigslist expands outside San Francisco (2000)
this sent shivers to newspaper publishers everywhere when the free classifieds site opened up to other states.

Google AdWords launches (2000)
the self-service ad program opened up opportunities for SME businesses.

Wikipedia launches (2001)
Wikipedia now boasts more than 14mil articles in 271 languages.

Napster Shut Down (2001)
although Napster was shut down in 2001, it opened the file-sharing floodgates for Hulu and iTunes.

Google IPO (2004)
one of the largest in history, put the six year old search engine on the path to becoming the most dominant and influential company of the decade.

Online video revolution (2006)
in 2006, with faster bandwidth, cheaper camcorders, and the use of Adobe’s Flash 9 video player by YouTube combined to launch the online video revolution.

Facebook opens to non-college students and Twitter takes off (2006)
in September 2006, a social networking site first used by college students instantly became an overnight success. less than a month later, Twitter was born!

The iPhone debuts (2007)
first released on June 29, 2007, immediately sold half a million by the end of it’s first week, thus completely changed the smartphone industry.

U.S. Presidential Campaign (2008)
this is probably US President Obama’s most powerful machinery, leveraging on the Internet to promote his platforms. he definitely knew how to play the game. no wonder our local politicians are trying to do the same thing!

Iranian election protests (2009)
when Iran’s 2009 presidential election produced fishy results, the opposition took to the tweets — and the “Twitter Revolution” was born.


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