IT Pinoy's 2009 Review and 2010 Predictions

happy new year, IT PINOYs!!!! hope everyone had a blast welcoming the year!

to start off, listed here are some of the memorable tech events of the past year as well as some tech predictions for 2010.
both Mashable and Top Tech News listed predictions for 2010, some on their list are:
  • Facebook gets into location and payments
  • Live Video Goes Mainstream and Becomes Immensely Profitable
  • Emergence of Web 3.0
  • Home Servers Make It Home
  • Cloud Computing
my own predictions:
  • with the coming Philippine National elections, bloggers and all the technology we have right now will be a big tool to ensure a truthful and safe elections. we all bloggers are urged to be vigilant and write all the events this coming May.
  • Cloud Computing will be made known to the IT Pinoys, 
  • Google Chrome OS will be another option, 
  • and everyone riding on the Google Wave!

IT PINOY is one with the rest of the blogworld looking forward to a better 2010!!!!

*2010 was a 1984 sci-fi movie, more @

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