Halo-Halo Games Specially Made for Pinoys

any IT PINOY  ould attest how we love halo-halo especially during the extremely hot summer days… well you’ll love halo-halo even more..

let’s welcome HALOHALOSPECIAL.COM, a 100% IT PINOY-made online casual game. it’s still on a beta version but certainly looks promising..

the unique thing about this site is that it offers games that every IT PINOY is familiar with:
half filipina – based on a local folklore manananggal where you need to reunite the upper and lower body before the sun rises.
basagang palayok – just like in our local fiesta, you will be blindfolded and lead astray, you must find your way back to the pot to break it!
harana – the funniest and shows how romantic PINOYs are. you guess it right, you can serenade your lady all you want, but just don’t ever get caught!

you got to register to gain free 10 tokens and earn as you refer a friend.. there’s also a free play available 🙂  the site only has a few games so far, looking forward for more!

palamig muna tayo, let’s play games!!!

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