is the Wild West of the Internet

Chatroulette is the newest (and most controversial) viral today.. all you need is a webcam and with just a click, you get to instantly meet random people from around the world.

launched last november 2009 and developed by a 17-year old Russian, Andrey Ternovskiy used a $10 webcam and did just a few lines of code. when asked what prompted him to start Chatroulette, “…I wanted to entertain myself and my friends. I am not even sure what the purpose of Chatroulette is now. Everybody finds his own way of using the site! Some people think it is a game, others think it is a dating service. I think it’s cool that my service is useful for many purposes.”

using Chatroulette is simple, just activate your webcam and click “play.” people then would pop up for you to chat with..and if you don’t like them, you can just click “next” to chat with someone else..

be cautious though for the site is quite addicting and might surprise you as it has also attracted a lot of voyeuristic people and is now called by some as the Wild West of the Internet (or a cesspool of porn)

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