Hackers Deface Manny Villar's Website

the race for the national elections further heats up as reports that sen. manny villar’s web site was been hacked with a blog entry entitled “Hacked by Kris Aquino.”
the entry written in “swardspeak” aimed primarily on the front-running Philippine Presidential candidate, sen. villar and his marketing strategy. the blog post further encouraged the readers to vote for sen. noynoy aquino – sen. villar’s closest rival, instead.
“Because this is the Internet, where all data can be fabricated by the determined application of programming resources, it is difficult to point fingers,” gilbert remulla, nationalist party’s spokesperson said.

this isn’t the first time that a government-related website got defaced, last january, TESDA’s website was also hacked.

read more [abs-cbnnews.com]

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