COMELEC Quick Fix Automation Bugs

Philippine’s first ever automated elections could be leading to a major disastrous failure as it was found out that a week before the May 10 elections the CF cards used in the PCOS machines aren’t working!!!!

this came after test results showed the at the CF cards (contains specific precinct information), incorrectly read the names and votes for local contests.

it was said that during the ballot printing, the spacing in the local contests was changed from single to double-spaced  and this caused the CF cards not reading the form correctly!

what duh?! talk about basic I.T. software development lifecycle component – you need to run TESTS on all code changes (or any changes made) before putting it in production!!!

what this entails is redoing work, incur more costs, put more question on the quality of your product, and of course you will have the angst of your clients – in this case the FILIPINO people!!!

“…We’re going to do this no matter how much it costs. It will be our expense. We’re telling you it can be done and it will be successful,” Smartmatic-TIM spokesperson Cesar Flores stressed.  

well, they better fix this ASAP, or else….hmmmm???!!!@#@


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