WWDC Unveils iPhone 4

this is something the IT PINOYs would definitely crave for, the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) opened as expected yesterday with CEO Steve Jobs announcing the release of iPhone 4.
a big departure from it’s predecessors (3G and 3GS), iPhone 4 serves as the debut device for the newly named iOS 4 operating system, which brings such much-needed features as multitasking, unified e-mail in-box, and app folders for the home screen. moreso, the latest handset version features a high-resolution display, a faster processor, and video conferencing.

iPhone 4 will be available (in the USA and some other countries) exclusively with AT&T starting June 24.
for the rest of the IT PINOYs raring to get hold of this, sadly we can do nothing but wait till it reaches our shores. 😦
read more [reviews.cnet.com]

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