PNoy Responds to Facebook Note

being true to his promise of open communication to the Filipino people, Philippine President replied to a post (Mr. President, Something In You Has To Die) made by Reyn Barnido on Facebook.

“This is not anymore about failing to handle the hostage-taking as much as this is about fulfilling the promises of your oath-taking. This is not just about nine people losing their lives, but ninety million citizens losing their national pride. This is not about a singular madman shooting bullets up and down; this is about an orgy of fools shooting lies left and right. This is not anymore about the negotiators’ inefficiency to convince a police officer to surrender, but the government’s incapacity to comfort a nation. This is not about the Police; this is about the Presidency.” Reyn’s note stated.

the Office of the President of the Philippines has this to say, “It has always been my personal philosophy not to overly play up achievements that any government should have been doing in the first place. Perhaps my administration should be doing more to highlight this, but the simple truth is that we are working hard to solve our problems.”

“I understand that much of your frustration stems from the unfortunate crisis that befell our nation, but my administration will not be defined by this tragedy. It will be defined by what we have already achieved and what we will still achieve in the future.” the post added.

looks like our employee (PNoy) do hear out IT Pinoys. PNoy is barely 4mos in the job, let’s give him a chance and consider this as his probationary period. 🙂


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