Young PINOYs Urged Be Cautious of Sex Traffickers Lurking Facebook
Filipinos, especially parents are being warned to monitor their children when using social networking sites, such as Facebook as sex traffickers are now using this medium to identify potential victims.

Dr. Cyndi Romine, president of Compassion To One Philippines, said the country has become a primary source of sexually trafficked children behind nations such as India, Thailand and Cambodia. Worldwide, she said an average of 1.2 million children are sexually trafficked every year.

“I didn’t understand the problem was this big when I started, 100,000 children a year. They are being flown out, they are being shipped out. Borneo is so close, Malaysia’s so close. It’s a huge money-making situation,” she told ANC.

it’s really about time that we educate our young IT PINOYS to be responsible using these technologies. just like what US Homeland Security campaign, “Stop. Think. Connect.”, where they urge people to value security by understanding first how much the risks are when going online.


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