Philippine Automated Polls – A World Model

IT PINOYs might be surprised to know that according to Philippine Election Commissioner, Gregorio Larrazabal, the recent national elections is now being considered by other countries as a model for successful automated elections.

“Surprisingly, the common reaction was: ‘You’re from the Philippines? Great job. How did you do it?’” Larrazabal said.

Larrazabal’s statement drew disbelief and laughter from the Ninth Jaime V. Ongpin Annual Memorial Lecture on Public Service in Business and Government attendees.

“In fact, right now, (officials from different) countries are planning to visit the Philippines. The Philippines is considered a case study for successful automated elections all over the world.”

now if this is a mere joke or what, IT PINOYs were probably satisfied with the output of our automated elections. of course it wasn’t perfect and up to now there are still speculations on some of the output’s validity.  nonetheless, we were still able to make that big step (towards automation) and for that we should all be proud of.


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