Google Stings Bing

Google carried out a “sting” operation to prove Bing is copying some of their search results
it is said the Google started the experiment last dec17 by crafting codes that would allow it’s search engine to manually rank a page for a limited time, and that a near-impossible search term will be associated with a web site. so if you type in a random string of letters “mbzrxpgjys” Google would cause the Web site of BlackBerry maker Research in Motion to pop up first in the results.
it was noted that within two weeks of the Google experiment, Bing was producing the same results on some of these odd searches.
“Only a small number of the test searches produced this result, about 7 to 9 (depending on when exactly Google checked) out of the 100. Google says it doesn’t know why they didn’t all work, but even having a few appear was enough to convince the company that Bing was copying its results,” Searchengineland‘s Danny Sullivan said.
check out this funny video of Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert crack at this latest tech buzz.
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