More Philippine Government Websites Found Vulnerable to Hacking

last week the Dept. of Labor and Employment (DOLE) website was found to be prone to hacking and which could serve as opening to attacking well the list goes on as an IT PINOY just found more Philippine Government web sites susceptible to hacking!

@bonvallite, ran some tests to check for more vulnerable Philippine government sites and listed the ff on PasteBin:

@bonvallite, who is currently out of work found these loop holes using a computer from an internet cafe.  this simply proves how our government agencies might be overlooking data security in their web sites.

IT PINOY suggests these agencies hire @bonvallite (and people of this caliber) with great earnest to help the government to protect their data @bonvallite told @ITPinoy, “I hope I can help the government protecting the data.” .


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