Philippine Government Cybersecurity Not a Priority

as more and more IT PINOYs jump into Information Technology (where computer is at the top list of preferred courses and online social networking sites like Facebook have been fully embraced by Filipinos), it is but sad to know that the Philippine Government seem not to recognize the risks involved and continue to position themselves as possible victims to hacking.

this was revealed in a recently concluded forum on cybersecurity where the now-defunct Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) chairman Ivan Uy, confirmed that the government has a low budget priority allotted to cybersecurity.

“The government operates on a budget, and cybersecurity is way below in the list of budget priorities,” Uy pointed out.  “It could be really good if the government could raise the priority of securing these IT infrastructure and assets by putting the money where their mouth is. Unfortunately, somebody else holds the money.”

IT PINOYs (and tech folks) would attest that securing websites doesn’t really require big budget, all they need to do is hire competent developers who knows how to secure their data.  it may be true that this isn’t required now since we are still grappling for every cent as a third-world country, but eventually they will have to reconsider this.


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