PostSecret App – Reveal Your Secrets Anonymously

PINOYs, who many grew up as catholics are known to be conservative, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have secrets.   if you are one of those who really wanted to tell someone about your deepest secrets, check out PostSecret App.

“For the first time, like-minded secret sharers will easily be able to make a connection, show their support or reach out to someone whose secret touches them, makes them wonder, laugh or cry,” PostSecret said.

since 2004, PostSecret has received more than 300thou secrets via postcards from anonymous contributors. coming this september, the PostSecret App (iPhone/Android) allows anyone to share secrets anonymously as well as discover other users’ “hush-hush thoughts” and react to their submissions.

now, do you have a secret and would like to share it? hmmm….

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