Be a 'Virtual' Judge in Miss Universe 2011

for the first time in the history of Miss Universe, interactive technology will play a major role as IPOWOW “In the Now” technology turns all PINOYs (and rest of the world) as virtual judges on the night of the telecast. 

Miss Universe 2011 held on Sao Paolo, Brazil (Sept 12 9PM ET / Sept 13 9AM Manila) marks it’s 60th year of production with more fan engagement utilizing two technologies – online votation created by CommerceTel will grant one of the 89 contestants automatic advancement to the semifinals and the iPowow “In The Now” technology, which enables home audience to ‘gamify’ their viewing experience by voting in real-time for their favorite contestant during the live telecast.

“CommerceTEL and IPOWOW technologies are two ways that we are incorporating our fans into our show and having them play an active role in the competition,” says Colin Hornett, Director of Digital Multimedia at the Miss Universe Organization. “We are constantly searching for new ways to involve our fans, and hope that we can continue to be at the forefront of fan engagement with our incredible global reach of approximately 1 billion followers from all over the world during the Miss Universe competition.” 

the free web application accessible @ or gives viewers a chance to score each contestant via iPowow’s ‘Second Screen’ voting system from their smartphone, tablet or PC. results will instantly be seen in a “fan voting meter” on TV and you can share your comments via Twitter(TheRealMissU) or Facebook. note that the judges still has the last say who wins.

iPowow captivated audiences of the 2011 Miss USA with more than 12.6mil total votes and an average of 30k votes/sec.

goddesses again will fall 🙂 of course, to all PINOYs you know the drill! pls support our very own beauty-with-brains Shamsey Supsup 🙂


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