PHL Congress Proposes Internet Voting for OFWs

more PINOYs working abroad might just have a chance to vote as Philippine congress proposes opening up the overseas absentee voting – online. 

“We should go to Internet voting. Mailing ano pa yan eh. let’s go international through internet voting,” Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez said as he also showed a report that only 300k of the 9mil PINOY overseas are registered, of which only about 200k actually voted.

fil-am lawyer and businesswoman Loida Nicolas-Lewis presented her research on how other countries allowed expatriates the right to vote, which increased voter turnout as proven in Dominican Republic and Spain.

the low turn out of PINOY voters was said to be due to the requirement the the OFWs should submit an affidavit to return to the country 3yrs after registration.


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