Apple Reveals iPhone 4S with Siri

PINOYs waiting for an iPhone 5 may have to wait a little more, as Apple today instead revealed iPhone 4S!

iPhone 4S looks exactly like iPhone 4, claims to run 7x faster (with its dual core A5 chip), 8MP camera (shoots 1080p HD video), iOS5 (with over 200 new software features), and iCloud to sync your data to several of your devices (e.g. iPhone, iPod, etc.).  

unlike the past Apple events, this latest gathering was somehow below expectations. everybody was looking for an iPhone 5, and with a new management @ the helm (CEO Tim Cook), many were expecting Apple will continue to surprise us. 

the saving grace probably of this new iPhone version is its new feature, Siri – voice activated, it gives you reminders, even takes dictation, helps you quickly find places,  it claims to understand what you mean as it provides you your needed information. basically as Apple put it, Siri allows you to converse with your iPhone 🙂   

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