The London Conference on Cyberspace – To Set "Rules of the Road"

The London Conference on Cyberspace, is scheduled to host a total of 60 nations to discuss the rising cyber security attacks and urges a “global co-ordinated response” against these crimes, which has been estimated to cost £600Bil (or $958Bil) a year worldwide.

the 2-day conference aims to set an international “rules of the road’ and establish “norms of acceptable behaviour” in cyberspace.  invited were tech entrepreneurs such as from Wikipedia, Cisco and Facebook as well as representatives from China and Russia, two countries  tagged as the “worst culprits in cyber-attacks.” 

“How to ensure we can all reap the benefits of a safe and secure cyberspace for generations to come is one of the greatest challenges we face… This needs to be a collective endeavour, involving all those who have a stake in cyberspace,” said Foreign Secretary William Hague.

“The ideas and proposals we hope to emerge from the conference will develop into the ‘London Agenda’ – an inclusive and focused approach to help us realise the enormous potential cyberspace offers for a more prosperous, safe and open networked world,” Hague added.

sure hope the output of this conference would benefit the international community, which includes us PINOYs. although cyber-security is unfortunately not in the top priorities of the government, it is evident that we are are one of the top affected by these cyber-threats.

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