TV 5, GMA 7, and ABS-CBN 2 Bosses Speaks of Technology as Game Changer

a historic coming together of the top Philippine TV network honchos became the highlight of the 22nd Philippine Advertising Congress (AdCon22), who’s battlecry this year is “Change the Game.”

Atty. Felipe “Henry” Gozon of GMA 7, Manuel “Manny” Pangilinan of TV5, and Eugenio “Gabby” Lopez III talked about their network’s successes and succeeding plans and how they see technology to redefine the media landscape.  

Here are some key notes of their speeches:

“..the future of television may still prove to be a source of human connection and human communication…like pacquiao.. television is @ a crossroads.. to reinvent itself…”

Atty. Gozon believes that television is still and remains the cheapest form of entertainment. tv sets however need to evolve alongside the ever changing digital technology. while social network and search sites became billion-dollar game changers, it is but replete that content can now be controlled by consumers who have more mediums to access them – via tv, computer and mobile devices. (note: 36% of ages 16-60 accesses internet daily).

he gave “7 fearless forecast” – tv remains the medium to beat, tv will remain critical to brand loyalty, digital technology will go mobile, consumers taste will be driven by tv, viewer engagement will be more dynamic, demand for tv remains high, and tv will remain the source for human connection and communication.

he closed his speech with GMA 7’s promise to continue harnessing new technology, to listen and understand consumer psychie, and to empower them through information and “serbisyong totoo.”

“the digital tsunami is coming, join me in greeting it, ‘d2 na me.'”

MVP’s entry was accompanied with REM’s “It’s the end of the world.” he gave a short narrative of how a youth today uses technology. 

christine, a young city girl awakens and posts a Facebook status, “I got a feeling, tonight’s gonna be a good night!” her friends knew its directed to someone, they “like” her status nonetheless. while her dad reads news on inquirer, cristine has read it already on Twitter and Facebook.  going to work via MRT, she listens to her iPod playlist running Black Eyed Peas. shortly after arriving work, she checks into Foursquare while still waiting for her boyfriend – marco to comment (or even like) her status.  she then spends 8hrs of her day @ a cubicle with her smart netphone. still no feedback from marco, probably busy with “call of duty 3,”  cristine finds a trailer of the latest film and shares it in Facebook, marco sees it, likes it, and texted her “excited. c u ltr.”

this is christine – the past, present and the future. this is the goal of TV5.

internet, according to MVP, is a true medium for the masses changing the way we think and consume content, shaping and defining the christines of today.  

he shared that his other companies, Smart and PLDT would soon utilize the Cloud, hence the end of roaming.  urging everyone, to “go and sim no more.”

he believes TV stations would still dominate especially with DTTV (Digital Terrestrial Television). like Amazon and Netflix, MVP believes content producers would be further empowered, advertisers would adjust to future media following geo-location, thus content and ads matches people’s interests.

“the future of media would be shaped by the people’s needs, which @ its core is – emotional.”

Gabby started giving a glimpse of the next AdConn, that they would soon be talking of media not yet viable today. and as their company celebrates its 60th year, they would still follow the same guiding light – “in the service of the filipino worldwide.”

he emphasizes that “technology will change everything, except the human nature who craves for recognition, affirmation, connection and inspiration to be the best they can be for self fulfillment, for family, and for community.”

there were various tech venture successes he mentioned, such as the Imortal webisodes earning over 15M views, ABS-CBNNews IOS app (which became the most downloaded app when released), and their partnership with Youtube and Google, which recently brought Philippine President PNoy to the Youtube Worldview.

he gave some glimpses of their company’s next plans such as venturing to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTTV) and IPTV hoping to reach the greater mass. 

Gabby added, “more than obsessing of connecting gadgets to gadgets, we will continue leveraging our ability to connect to the heart..even in this age of gadgets, we believe the right buttons to press are those in the hearts of the people, the true connections of longings and passion, would be the best edge in the age of clutter and thousands of choices.. technology only follows where the human spirit wants to go.”

he ended his speech with, “i’ve been in this industry for 25yrs, but this is all i ever wanted to do, its all i ever going to do… i believe its an honor and a privilege to work for a company that puts public service at the center,  its reason for being.. working at abs-cbn is not a job, its a calling.”

in summary, MVP’s speech has the most wit and most applauded probably  because he captured how the youth today uses technology. Atty. Gozon’s speech was clear with their goal to remain number 1 and to be in tune with technology (but somehow lacks tech details how to achieve it). Gabby’s talk of their tech successes proves how they continue to value technology (it was also sentimental and quite melodramatic – but PINOYs love this!)

anyway, it was nice to hear their plans with regards to using current technologies. in the end it is believed that us – consumers, would benefit the most.

see the whole speech and their interviews @ []

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