Uploaded Photo on Facebook, Key in Reuniting Lolo Matias and Lola Aurelia

PINOYs in social networking sites have been plagued by many serious news lately, and the viral photo of a woman in search for her missing husband, shows that we’ve come to use the same venue to help someone else. 

on nov21, a photo was uploaded by Red Silva (Reddy JS) to Facebook – it was of a woman searching the streets of manila for her missing husband. 

“I saw this old woman sitting by herself yesterday at the corner of buendia and roxas blvd yesterday. Surprised to see a bond paper pinned in front and back of her dress with a picture of a missing old man, i asked her about it and she said it is her husband who has been missing for two weeks now. I was touched by her integrity and pained to see her looking for him in that manner so i decided to help her too. I asked permission to post her picture here in fb to be shared by others as help for finding Mr. Luis Matias...” – Reddy JS

Lola Aurelia and Lolo Matias got reunited a day after the Facebook post of concerned PINOY 🙂  Talk about great love and what good a samaritan could do to a complete stranger! 🙂

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