IT PINOY – a Finalist in The Philippine Blog Awards

randomly browsing the web today… i clicked on one of my followed twitter technology profiles..  it brought me to The Philippine Blog Awards site. i remembered, “wait i did enroll my blog a few months back, wouldn’t do harm if i checked, right?” told myself. 

already forgotten my category, i browsed through the pages, “well it’s got to be in the technology category,” told my self.

there was quite a number of blogs on the list, i reviewed everyone thinking, “why the heck did this blog get in (the list), while mine didn’t?” sour-graping here hehe 😛

and just when all hope was lost and resolutely telling myself, “you just got to do better.” 

then there it is, the very last line says, “IT PINOY (!” 

shocked, i checked. wait PILIPINAS.IT and IT PINOY is one and the same..i just couldn’t believe it! 😛

thank you guys!!!! now looking forward to December 3, 2011 🙂

see the rest @ []

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