RedMedia Launches #ItsMoreFuninthePhilippines Generator

the Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT)‘s new slogan promoting the country has been trending lately, as usual PINOY ingenuity again is @ its best, #ItsMoreFuninthePhilippines Generator was launched allowing PINOYs to create their own image memes with the DOT’s tag “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

after yesterday’s It’s More fun in the Philippines Photos, today RedMedia launched #ItsMoreFuninthePhilippines Generator  allowing photo-addict- PINOYs create image memes with the DOT’s tag “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

Simply go to, enter your image URL (via Flicker/Google) and enter words describing what’s more fun, then click on “TARA LETS” (let’s go) button! 

a fan site and currently in beta mode,  RedMedia  claims no affiliations with DOT, but that the site was created “with love” and as a volunteer initiative perhaps to further foster tourism in the country.

what are you waiting for, tara lets visit #ItsMoreFuninthePhilippines Generator! 🙂

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