Average Salaries Around the Globe: IT PINOYs Has the Lowest Annual Salary

here’s an infographic showing the average salaries around the world, surprisingly IT PINOYs came in the lowest. 

Graphic Designers: $5,657.71 (Php243,281 or Php18,713/month) 
Web Developer: $6,873.83 (Php295,574 or Php22,736/month) 
Senior Web Developer: $9,054.33 (Php389,336 or Php29,949/month) 
Software Developer: $7,521.83 (Php323,439 or Php24,880/month) 
Web Designer: $4,244.28 (Php182,504 or Php14,039/month) 
Senior Web Designer: $7,190.59 (Php309,195 or Php23,784/month) 
Medical Transcriptionist: $3,112.47 (Php133,836 or Php10,295/month)

c/o yugatech.com

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